We Hire The Best... ALWAYS!

All remodeling companies will tell you that they “treat their customers” right, right? But at Bail Home Services, we want you to know that we don’t just treat our CUSTOMERS right, we also treat our EMPLOYEES right. Yep. The old fashioned idea of working for one single company for your whole career is alive and well at Bail Home Services. Tim, our Production Manager, has been with Bail since 1986. Jered, our Sales Manager, has been with Bail Home Services for over 20 years now. HALF of our 18 full-time employees have logged 10 or more years.

The reason is simple: At Bail Home Services, we treat our employees right—we have matching 401k plans; we issue company vehicles; we have health and life insurance benefits, and after 15 years of service, employees get a 1-week paid cruise as a token of our appreciation. So think about this: If we go to such great lengths to treat our employees right, how do you think we’re going to treat you? And more importantly, how do you think our employees are going to treat you? That’s right—RIGHT.