How Many Past Customers Would You Like To Talk To? 3? 1 O? All Of Them?

How many references do you think you should check before hiring a remodeling contractor? 2? 3? 10? You know what, about half the time, contractors don’t give ANY references, and even when they do, half the time people don’t actually call them. That’s a huuuuge mistake. You should ALWAYS call references before giving any contractor a dime.

At Bail Home Services & Construction, Inc. we’ll give you AS MANY REFERENCES as you want. Last year, we completed 381 projects including bathrooms, kitchens, room additions, basements and other remodeling projects. You can call all 381 if you want. Or 3, or 10, or 50. It’s up to you.

Ask them if we completed the job on time. Ask them if we stayed within their budget. Ask them if we were easy to get in touch with during the job. And most importantly, ask them the mother of all reference questions: If you had to do it over again, would you still choose Bail Home Services & Construction, Inc.?